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Tough Questions We Help Management Answer

  • How can we identify growth engines we may have overlooked?

  • We’ve always been the market leader. But new competitors are closing in and grabbing customers away from us. What should we do?

  • Some customers choose tech­no­log­i­cally inferior products over ours at the same price points. What can we do about it?

  • How can we compete successfully for customers’ orders without discounting our offerings heavily?

  • We base most strategy decisions on assumptions about our markets and customers, yet too often we crash and burn. How can we get it right the first time?

  • Finance and the business units often clash over strategic priorities. How do we get them on the same page?

  • Engineers drive too many decisions around here. How can we convince them that customer needs count as much as bells and whistles?

  • How can we make sure our brand and product differentiation clearly distinguish us from competitors and give us an advantage in customers’ minds

  • No one can agree on how to segment our markets: By company revenue, number of employees, industry, geography, customer needs, benefits? How should we decide?