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Strategies for Challenging Environments

Finding and keeping customers at a profit is harder than ever in today’s world of demanding buyers, tight budgets and fierce competition.

Despite these challenges, your company can achieve lasting, profitable growth using strategies we develop and tailor to your specific goals and capabilities, or coach you in developing.

These powerful strategies enable your products and services to stand out consistently from the competition in customers’ minds, gain their favor and get their orders.

Proven during 20 plus years of marketing complex offerings to hard-nosed decision makers, The Saklad Method for creating growth strategies identifies the most promising opportunities for your business, and helps you act on them at the lowest risk.

It does so by analyzing how customers view their needs, your strengths and your competitors’ weaknesses; and by locating the point where these key factors in the strategy equation intersect in their minds.

It then uses this understanding to develop market, differentiation and product strategies that act at this critical point and convert your edge into customer preference.

Now when prospective buyers ask the defining question “Why you?” your company can win their business profitably by having both the offerings they want and an advantage they will act on in your favor over competitors.

So like other successful organizations, put our skills and experience to work to outsmart your competitors, conquer new markets and achieve profitable growth today and tomorrow.